Stepping Stone Cafe – “You Eat Here Because We Let You.”

A server at Stepping Stone Cafe in Portland, ORThere’s no shortage of excellent breakfast food in Portland. My good friend Heather first told me about Stepping Stone Cafe in trendy northwest Portland, and I’m so glad she did! Along with excellent breakfasts and signature snark (their sign reminds all diners that “You eat here because we let you.”) has another claim to fame – man-cakes, which earned them an appearance on Man vs. Food (go ahead and judge me. I’ll love the show anyway).

The bar at Stepping Stone CafeI didn’t try the man-cakes, but I saw someone who did. They’re pancakes that are the size of a whole plate! And a very big plate, at that. I was quite content with my more typical Portland breakfast scramble (eggs, veggies, perfect hashbrowns and lots of premium coffee). Despite their snarky slogan, the ambiance at Stepping Stone is actually excellent (like their food). They look like an old-fashioned diner, complete with red bar chairs and funky kitsch on the walls. It’s the kind of place you can hang out for hours (provided they aren’t too busy), sipping coffee and waxing philosophic with a friend. What more do you need?